Naughty Girl.


I’m feeling sexy, I wanna hear you say my name, boy
If you can reach me, you can feel my burning flame
I’m feelin’ kind of n-a-s-t-y
I might just take you home with me…

Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I’m calling all my girls
We’re gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body
Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I’m calling all my girls
I see you look me up and down
And I came to party…

This is a little more racy than I usually post, so I do hope you don’t mind but with FitMesh Designers Expose opening today, I was feeling bold. I hope I’ve expressed that enough here! This sexy little number is from Y o K a n aIf red isn’t your color, don’t you fret, there’s others to choose from too. Personally, I think red looks good on everyone! But you rock your color, girl! Do you!

And I kept seeing this prop and pose set on Flickr and I finally tracked it down! You can get it at Tres Chic. It’s called ‘Target’ and it’s by Amitie. That’s a new shop for me; but one I’ll definitely be returning to because I really like the quality of this prop. It has five different poses and a chair included for some of them. I happened to think that this was kind of an interesting pose and I liked the idea that came to mind.

Anyway! You have the information–have fun shopping, babes! ❤