Favorite Friday: Fussy x Foxcity!

Hey Peeps!

I know I’ve been raving about Fussy x Foxcity poses for awhile now and it seemed the natural choice for this weeks Favorite Friday. I do seem to spend a lot of time there. I have only recently discovered them but I’m glad I did because it caters to bento hands. The poses are astounding; I need no adjusting at all when I use them and because the props are so well made, the images I’ve taken when using them have required no post-editing.

There are a lot of amazing pose shops on the grid and I’ve frequented a few of them; I still do. However, I just sort of clicked with this one and when I’m able, I do my best to try and buy something. I’m pretty sure I own most of the store by now. I’m totally impressed with the quality of everything. I really, really love this shop and I hope that you’ll check it out. There are poses for women, men, friends, lovers. There’s no VIP group that I know of, but there’s a few VIP gifts out for 1L. One of which is a Wrecking Ball, so if you’ve ever wanted to ride one a la Miley Cyrus, go for it.

I’m really excited for the new stuff at these two events, the info is down below, so be sure to check it out! 🙂

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Fussy x Foxcity
FXF @ On9
FxF @ The Secret Hideout

They’re also at Limit8, which you should hurry to because the items there are limited in number (There’s only 100 each!) Once those items are sold? That’s it. All gone. Bye bye!

And lastly, ya’ll should head out to eBento, a new event! All things Bento, guys. I’m pumped for that! Check out what FxF is going to have there. (Enlarge the pics for more detail!) Not going to lie, I am in love. If I had more than 75L, you can totally bet I’d be there. Alas, I must love from afar right now.

Anyway, that’s it for this week! I’m sorry it’s a day late; I wasn’t feeling 100% yesterday! Head on over to Fussy x Foxcity! xx


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