Let’s Go Shopping!

Snapshot_040How do you like this outfit, hm? Isn’t it gorgeous? When I first opened it, I kind of fell in love because Jeans, Boots and a cute top? How can one go wrong with that? It’s a classic go-to outfit and that’s why I love it so much. I find a lot of outfits on SL cater to looking like a runway model…and not all of us are inclined to look like models. Often, I’m told my avi is too short or she’s not traditional looking or that I should change her style up. It’s rather irritating and is another reason I enjoy wearing things that look like anyone could wear them and rock it. So, you’re wondering by now, where can I get that?  (And if you’re not, well…boo!)

Snapshot_034You’ll have to go to FitMesh Designers Expose. I can’t tell you how much amazing talent is there! I can give you glimpses, of course, but I think it best that you go yourself. This is from the current round, but there’s plenty of amazing stuff coming up for the next round. I hope you’ll all let me know how you like it and what you pick up! Oh! And stay tuned–more to come, I promise! 😀  Below you’ll find all the info that you’re really here for.

Take care and be sweet to one another! There’s enough madness in the world. xx


Body: Belleza Freya
Eyes: .ID. Moody
Hands: Vista Bento
Skin: Elysium – Zoe skin – latte
Head: Eve: Eve’olution Head
Hands: Vista Bento

Rings:Astralia Galaxy! (Silver)
Nails [Hands]:Astralia
– Compatible mesh nails system (Vista/Slink) PACK 2 [Lipstick]

Hair: Exile:: Check Out Time Naturals

Outfit & Boots: AnaSTyle – Lavinia

Poses: GLITTERATI – Shopaholic (Closed in-world, but still on Marketplace.)

Event: FitMesh Designers ExposeFDE Logo



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