Favorite Friday: Reign!

That’s right! It’s time for another weekly dose of Favorite Friday! (Although I did miss last Friday, I will probably make it up somehow.) Okay, let’s get down to business. (Kudos to you if you started singing the song from Mulan, haha.)

Like most women on SL, I have a shoe addiction. I can’t say I suffer because I enjoy every moment of it. There are so many shoe stores in-world that I enjoy visiting but Reign is my favorite and my go-to with Gos as a very close second. It’s funny because at first, I heard about it but I never quite made it there. At the time, I wasn’t as much into shoes as I am now.

However, it was when I was hosting at Club Havoc where I noticed a pair of patron’s really bangin’ boots and I asked, “Where did you get those?” They were gracious enough to send me a landmark and said, “You’ll never want to shop anywhere else again. Also? There’s a sale on right now but it ends tomorrow.”

Sale? I was so there–well, I had to finish my set first. (I don’t think I’ve ever been so anxious for a set to finish, tbh.) But the obsession was born that night.

As soon as the gig was over, I went over and was looking around. I found the boots I wanted but I also found that there were so many different varieties of shoes. Everything from platforms to sandals…I was sold. If memory serves correctly, I bankrupted myself, but so worth it! Now, I’ve included an album below, just in case you’ve never stepped foot into Reign, so you can an idea of the wonderful variety there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can also tell, on the off chance that you don’t have a pair of Reign shoes, that they’re excellently made and there’s a lot of love put into them.Not to mention creativity. There’s seldom a pair that I ever say, “that’s not for me,” but there are plenty that are. There’s a lot of events and Gacha events that Reign takes part in, not to mention there’s a little outlet, where you can get pairs of shoes for 75L and fatpacks at a splendid rate too. So, if you’re low on funds, that’s not a worry. If you join the group, you’ll get the occasional gift, but you also get store credit. It comes in handy, let me tell ya’ll. Even at events, you can wear your group tag and earn credit. So at Collabor88, et cetera.

You should also keep your eyes peeled for when Reign does a project–they’ve done hair with Besom, jeans/boots combos with Blueberry. ‘Tink’ is one such crossover and I love those jeans to death. If I had them in RL, I’d wear them too. There’s something very comforting about ones favorite pair of jeans. They go with everything!

Below are some of my favorite shoes…I hope you’ll go and check out REIGN if you haven’t already!



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