I Love You.


I bought this pose at NanTra impulsively…before I had my hands. Which, git that I was, couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get it to work. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes. Well, now that I have my hands and since I cleaned my inventory today (organised it anyway), I saw it in my poses folder. I was quite thrilled to use it. It’s ‘I Love You’ in ASL and I think it’s delightfully sweet. I really do love this set, but NanTra’s store always keeps me happy. Their poses are artfully made and they even take into consideration us curvy folks. (Yay for my arm not sticking in my boob!)

I thought I’d use the opportunity to thank my partner, who seems hellbent on feeling guilty that he’s not around that much and to show him some love. We met six months after I joined SL, I met him at the Moulin Rouge. My friend was looking for a job (as was I)…I figured she’d get it, seeing as she was looking like Satine from the movie and I looked like…well, I looked like me. #NoobishMe She didn’t get the job; I did and I also met this crazy man named Lorimarko Camino. He took a shine to me to right away and despite my awkwardness and shyness; something clicked. A spark, if you will.

Ours has always been a strong friendship; one with each of us wanting more, but he always found himself with someone else. (You damn manwhore. 😉 ) Anyway. It happened! We’re partnered. It took forever, but honestly, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in SL, tbh. He’s probably going to complain that I wrote something and was public as hell, but eh.

So stop feeling guilty, you big lummox. ❤


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