Favorite Fridays: Hello Dave

I decided that I was going to do a new thing: Favorite Fridays! I’ll spotlight one shop that I really, really love and I hope you’ll take the time to visit if you get the chance. Ladies, let me begin by saying Maia is one of the nicest people ever. I’m one of those grumpy people who has a lot of my group chats shut off; mainly because I’ve seen too much drama or I don’t find myself shopping there enough to take an interest. I know it sounds rude, but I keep few group chats open. Gimme Gacha is full of wonderful people as is The Arcade group chat. But Hello Dave? Best chat ever. If you’re ever feeling down, just say hello and start up a conversation and you’ll be met with the most wonderful of people. You’ll be laughing by chat’s end, I promise. I mean, we sometimes just open up chat to talk about our pets or coffee–which Maia loves. So, even if it’s not nail related, it’s a pleasant experience. Not to forget, of course, that if you find yourself in need of help, you’ll get it. Either from the always satisfied clientele or by Maia herself.

It’s well worth the group fee, which is L$100. She is active in chat, loves to chat with her shoppers, hears out suggestions and often times follows through with them. The quality is brilliant and her shop is full of different designs. She is a friend to all and I doubt that were you to IM her, she’d turn you away.  She is often busy, so patience is a good thing.

There’s always a group gift available and you can collect the old ones too; if you’re part of the Fab Free Group, you can get a free palette. She is exceptionally generous with us all; I mean, for Easter, she put out little eggs for us to find and some had gift cards, some had store credit and one had a ‘turn this in’ for two free palettes, whichever ones we wanted. She is truly a wonderful person and her shop reflects this. I’ve taken some pictures for everyone to see.

Her nails are available for Omega, Slink, Maitreya, just be sure to look for the proper logos. Also, if you join the group, you get 10% store credit. Her prices are very reasonable, so it’s worth the indulgence!

And how can you not like a place that says in its group description, “Free Hugs?”

I hope you guys enjoy your visit and if you get something, share a picture with me! ❤

..:: Taxi to Hello Dave! ::..


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