Look at this Photograph.

I found some old photos of myself on an old Flickr account I had. The other ones were just terrible–I am so embarrassed that I thought they were good!–but I liked these and I saved them and well, here they are. I wish I could remember where I got a lot of these styles and the poses. I had them on my old blog, which I deleted. I’ve cleaned my inventory out too; so it’s not like I can take a wild guess. I do know I was wearing Slink Physique and Slink hands. I loved that body; I still have it; I just don’t wear it as frequently. Do you guys switch amongst your bodies? I have Physique, Hourglass and the Belleza bodies, but I wear Freya all the time. I just adore it. I know most people are devoted to their Maitreya bodies, but I’m not there yet. I may feel differently if I ever buy one, but for now? I am a Belleza girl.

Sometimes it’s good to look back; you can see how far you’ve come or how far you still need to go still. Someone might say that I need a mesh head, but I rather like my face. I don’t know if you can customise any of them to look like yourself, but I guess I’d have to try and see. We’ll see!

All good things in time, right?


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