Turn down for…Covfefe?


Hello, darlings!

I have to begin by saying IT’s cord necklace is one of my favorite accessories ever…and finding this one? Well, it was absolutely confefe. Hah! I may not like the President too much, but he gave me a good laugh with that one. Auto-correct fail? Half-asleep tweeting? Who knows? Who cares?! We’ve all been in that spot where a word comes out wrong and for once, he had a sense of humor about it. Good on him .

More gorgeousness straight from the Jersey Shore 2 Event! I think you can tell how much I love everything from here. It’s just really wonderful. I know a lot of events have wonderful designers, but I think this one has a lot of the best. I won’t bore you too much with my usual chit chat, I’ll get right to it. Enjoy, have fun and as always, let me know what you think!

Also, if you see me in-world, guys, you can say hello! ❤ I love to meet new people!

Available @ Jersey Shore 2:

Dress: Suma Dress Sea Exclusive

Glasses: *Merlific* Summer loving Glasses (Comes with a wearable version and one that hangs on your shirt/dress)

Necklace: !IT! – Cord Necklace – Covfefe

Shoes: !TLB – Justine Wedges w/ HUD

Pose: IE. Vogue 2

Sim: Furillen


Feeling So Blue Without You…


The Jersey Shore 2 continues to deliver, guys! This cute ensemble is from ‘Sevyn East‘, a brand you guys know is near and dear to my heart. I absolutely love the clothes I find there and now that there’s this adorable summer look, I can even rock it on beach days. I don’t know about you, but I always love when there’s a transparent look; I think it’s amazing and so creative.  This outfit is called Jelly & Jam!

I’m hanging out at Baja Norte, which is one of my favorite photography sims; I swear, I’m just going to move there. But I wanted to show you this outfit and get you on the move! Get yourself over to JS2. It’s the best thing to do. With The Arcade at full capacity, you need something else to do whilst you’re waiting for your Hammer TP hud to do its magic, right?

Well, here you go! Go to the Jersey Shore! Get your summer on! ❤

Summer is Here!


Have you guys hit up the Jersey Shore 2?! There are so many amazing designers there and I think you’d be silly to miss it. Jersey Shore 2 Event Texture
What I’m wearing here is Sammi from Black Rose Designs, but you can find it at JS2! 😀

I’m also wearing two features from SlackGirl!
::SG:: Kamila BENTO Rings

My shoes are a gift from the ever fabulous Hucci. They’re called “Highgate” Sandal. You should definitely check them out and always visit. Eboni is always putting out amazing designs and they’re gorgeous. Don’t miss out!

Body: Belleza Freya
Eyes: .ID. Darkest Browns
Hands: Vista Bento
Skin: Elysium – Zoe skin – latte
Head: Eve: Eve’olution Head
Hands: Vista Bento
Hair: Truth: Kare [May Group gift]
Pose: HERA – ((Bento)) Rock On

Naughty Girl.


I’m feeling sexy, I wanna hear you say my name, boy
If you can reach me, you can feel my burning flame
I’m feelin’ kind of n-a-s-t-y
I might just take you home with me…

Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I’m calling all my girls
We’re gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body
Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I’m calling all my girls
I see you look me up and down
And I came to party…

This is a little more racy than I usually post, so I do hope you don’t mind but with FitMesh Designers Expose opening today, I was feeling bold. I hope I’ve expressed that enough here! This sexy little number is from Y o K a n aIf red isn’t your color, don’t you fret, there’s others to choose from too. Personally, I think red looks good on everyone! But you rock your color, girl! Do you!

And I kept seeing this prop and pose set on Flickr and I finally tracked it down! You can get it at Tres Chic. It’s called ‘Target’ and it’s by Amitie. That’s a new shop for me; but one I’ll definitely be returning to because I really like the quality of this prop. It has five different poses and a chair included for some of them. I happened to think that this was kind of an interesting pose and I liked the idea that came to mind.

Anyway! You have the information–have fun shopping, babes! ❤

Yo-ho, a Sneak Peek for you!



I’ve got a sneak peek for you here for the June round of the FitMesh Designers Expose! The new round starts on Thursday and I’ll be posting more previews for you later today and tomorrow. Of course, I’ll post on Thursday too. I can’t believe its June already! But it’s perfect because this cute ensemble is summer ready! It includes the top and the shorts; all you need do is slip on a pair of flip flops and you’re ready for some summertime fun. I don’t know about you guys, but I live in flip flops. I hate to wear regular shoes during the summer. Sandals, flip flops, you get the idea. You’re going to love this; it comes in practically every mesh body available out there; so you should add this to your ‘must have’ list! 😉



Aren’t these cute? I wish my nails were this stylish in RL, lol!

Body: Belleza Freya
Eyes: .ID. Darkest Browns
Hands: Vista Bento
Skin: Elysium – Zoe skin – latte
Head: Eve: Eve’olution Head
Hands: Vista Bento

Hair: Exile:: Southern Shade Naturals

Rings: [*K*] Boho Rings Collection for bento hands
Nails:[FORMANAILS] Ballerina Points

Outfit: ~*Moolala*~ Tyra Outfit @ FitMesh Designers Expose 

Summer Feels

collagexxToday was a nerd day for me. It’s so bloody hot here in Florida and it’s rather miserable. Humidity, mid-nineties, all of that. With that in mind, ice cream was the first thought. I was a woman on a mission and I was glad that I found some. Four scoops of frozen yumminess! (I couldn’t eat four if I tried, lol.)

In my search for things to do, I came upon this lovely little arcade. While all of you are going bonkers for The Arcade next month, I am going to be mastering my skee ball skills. It’s 1L to play and you could always just buy the machine for your home if you wanted. (I’m pretty sure Lor would shoot me if I tried to fit an entire arcade in our living room. Then again? Maybe not.)

As you can see in the image below, I didn’t do so well and I’m a bit embarrassed. Oh well, at least I had ice cream and they had air conditioning.  Down below are my usual details and I decided to go a little different this time; save for adding a border on the one image, these pictures aren’t edited.  Not entirely sure if I’ll leave them like this again, but why not?


Body: Belleza Freya
Eyes: .ID. Moody
Hands: Vista Bento
Skin: Elysium – Zoe skin – latte
Head: Eve: Eve’olution Head
Hands: Vista Bento

Rings:Astralia Galaxy! (Silver)
Nails [Hands]:Astralia
– Compatible mesh nails system (Vista/Slink) PACK 2 [Lipstick]

shirt: ~*Moolala*~ Female Tee (Pinup Snow White)
Jeanssass [she bad bootleg jeans](Available @The Thrift Shop!)

Get Your Freak On!


I’m not one to usually sport such an outfit, I know. But sometimes it is fun to change things up. Fashion is fluid; you can do one thing one day and then something entirely the next. With that said, I got a little freaky with this ensemble. I even went to a sim where there are clowns….guys. I HATE clowns. They creep me out. However, the bright colored sim seemed a perfect place to channel my clown princess of crime. Eat your heart out, Harley Quinn!

➵Body: Slink Hourglass
➵Eyes: .ID. Moody
➵Hands: Vista Bento
➵Skin: Elysium – Zoe skin – latte
➵Head: Eve: Eve’olution Head
➵Hands: Vista Bento
➵Feet: Slink High
➵Nails [Hands]:Astralia – Compatible mesh nails system (Vista/Slink) [lipstick]
➵Hair: [RA] Harley 

➵Top, Skirt & Boots: La Belle . INGENUE. – Freak Show